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January 7, 2002

Christmas holidays are coming to an end, but I’m very happy because - after many attempts - I was able to install Mandrake Linux 8.1 on my computer.

I’ve tried to install Debian 2.2 as well, but I’ve not been able to make XFree86 work properly with my video card, so all the graphical applications are not able to start. I would really like to successfully install Debian “minimal”, since I have the feeling that Mandrake is bloated. Rightly after the installation was completed, I already had tens of applications installed. I appreciate that this is helpful in same cases, but I would prefer to have a minimalistic Operating System installed and then add the stuff I want to use on top.

Since I want to move to Linux definitely, I decided to not install it in dual-boot mode, but as the only OS.

Hopefully very soon Debian Woody should become stable, so that I can try again installing it.