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Introduction to KDE4

May 14, 2008 - Sebastopol, CA, US

I’ve already talked about the NBLUG in a previous blog post. Yesterday night I presented at NBLUG an Introduction to KDE4.

In the talk, I’ve shown KDE4 features as well as look and feel. New features that will land in 4.1 also were discussed. After the talk, the people in the audience did ask some questions. I appreciated the interest of the present people in the new updates in the KDE and desktop space.

Often, we tend to forget how quickly things change in the FLOSS space because we are too involved in the changes. From the comments of various people, I’ve noticed that they were surprised by the number of changes that have made version 4.0.

Yesterday was the first time I delivered a public presentation, and I liked it, so I guess it will happen again in the future!