HTML5 Canvas for Developers by David Geary (O'Reilly Media)

As the name suggests, this set of videos is for developers. HTML 4 and Javascript are often used without much explaination about the JS code it self but only about the HTML5 Canvas part.

I felt to point this out immediately since I’ve not found it on the O’Reilly page, but I believe that is really important to specify. Another thing that I’d like to point out is that (as it is easy to imagine, but not obvious) these videos only speak about 2D graphics in HTML (therefore there will no WebGL topics). After these two notes (that will not influence in any way my judgement about the videos), let’s start talking about the videos.

David Geary starts very quickly without wasting any time and will not waste your time during the whole course of the presentation: the 4 hours and 12 minutes declared ion the O’Reilly page are all about HTML Canvas and well used.

A cool fact about these videos is that the speaker explains the vast majority of methods exposed by 2D HTML Canvas. Another cool fact is that David Geary is able to show and suggest a lot of real life (or hypothetical real life) use of the HTML Canvas, starting from his own slides that are created in HTML5, and this fact makes the presentation way more easier to follow since he has not the need to switch between multiple windows as sometimes happens to some speaker.

The price of 49.99$ is reasonable in my opinion for two reasons:

  • You will learns as much as you can learn from a book reading (and maybe more)
  • You will only have to use 4.25 hours for it… and this is way less than what you would use for reading a book. Considering 250 words/page (the industry standard) and that the average person reads 300words/minute (source Forbes) this means that in 4.25 hours you can read (in average) 76500 words or 306 pages if you never stop!

As you can imagine, I would suggest this book. Specifically I would suggest it to anyone has an HTML and JS knowledge and wants to keep up with the HTML5 innovations.

You can find the book at O’Reilly website.

Disclaimer: I received a free electronic copy of this book as part of the O’Reilly Blogger Program