LinuxDay 2014 in Melzo

Melzo, IT

In Italy every year, during the last weekend of October, there is the Linux Day, an “open day” for the LUGs where they create events to publicize GNU/Linux and the Free Software. As usual (for the last 5 years now), the ViGLug organized it’s event and this time has been in Melzo, a city less than half hour drive east from Milan. We had a very nice event with more than 50 new people coming to learn about Linux and its wonderful world.

This year we also had some Fedora swags and a Fedora Talk done by Francesco Frassinelli (frafra). Thanks to Andrea Boero (Tsumi), a fellow Linux user of the ViGLug for this picture (CC-BY 4.0 - Andrea Boero) of the booth :).


It has been wonderful to see how many people are interested in GNU/Linux and Fedora in particular. In a few days (maybe even week, given the average time between posts I have lately), I’ll post more about my thoughts on new users and Desktop Environments.

Thanks to the awesome Linux Day we had, I really look forward to meet all ViGLug people (and new people too, obviously) during tomorrow ViGLug meeting.