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DevConf - day 3

February 7, 2016 - Brno, CZ

Today there were a lot of Fedora talks and sadly I was not able to see them all since there were two Fedora tracks.

The most interesting talk I’ve assisted today was probably the Denise Dumas and Matthew Miller one about Fedora.

Being the last day of the conference, it ended earlier so we (EMEA Ambassadors) were able to gather and meet to work a little bit on the 2017 budget. This was still pending because this year we were not able to meet at the usual FAD designed to make decisions for the Ambassadors budget.

Being so close to such big event, we had three very welcomed guests (aka non EMEA Ambassadors): Noriko, Remi DeCausemaker and Matthew Miller. Matthew Miller replicated his morning talk (very briefly), and then we started to speak specifically about the EMEA Ambassadors budget and future events.

We ended pretty late and started to look for food, but everything was closed due to the late hour, but a nice pizza place where we ended up eating.