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FLOCK 2016

August 7, 2016 - Kraków, PL

This year, I have been able to go to Flock :). Flock location this year was Krakov (Poland). Since my flight arrival time was very close to Mailga’s one, I waited him at the airport and then we went together to the Flock location. This has proven to be a good idea, since we had the time to speak about some important topics around the Italian Community. We then arrived to the Flock location, were we discovered a problem with the rooms booking, but that got resolved in a quick way by Bexelbie.

My talk on the Italian Community has been in the second slot of the first day of the conference (the first slot was Mattdm keynote). We got a little bit unlucky because at the same time as my talk, other two talks on internationalization and globalization took place, so the attendees (and the speakers) had to choose which one to follow, and therefore could not attend them all. Aside for this unlucky coincidence, the talk triggered many questions and some more discussion between the people that were present.

The rest of the conference has been very interesting. I had the opportunity to meet a lot of people that I already worked with and have very nice conversations with them. For instance, I met bowlofeggs, that I already knew since we worked on many packages together, and we had a very nice conversation (not only technical!). Also, seeing so many talks on Fedora gave me the opportunity to learn many aspects of Fedora that I did not knew, even if I have been pretty active in the community in the last few years.

I look forward for DevConf, that will be my next conference where a high number of talks will be on Fedora and it’s community.