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DevConf 2017

January 29, 2017 - Brno, CZ

I think this is a special moment of the year, where in less than two weeks is possible to meet a huge amount of Open Source contributors in person. Obviously you will need to take few flights, but it’s definitely worth.

DevConf this year was great. I’ve been able to assist to a huge amount of talks (more than 20) and the majority of which were very interesting.

As always in conferences, there are themes heavily discussed and other completely absent. This year at DevConf (like in many others conferences) containers are a very big topic. The other big topic (related, but different) was Modularization, an approach Fedora is trying to

I think conferences are always very interesting because you get the occasion of seeing what a lot of people think about the various problems and challenges.

What I’ve noticed is that a lot of people are starting to challenge the idea that everything should be containerized. This is something that I like, because I think that now there is a huge trend to containerize everything, while I think that we (as IT people) should be a little bit more critical and evaluate more carefully what makes sense to be containerized and what not. I think that this could also be the begging of the end of this trend, which leaves me with the question “what will be the next one?”. My current idea is that we are going to see an hype reduction on containers and people will start to use them in a more thoughtful way and in probably 5-10 years we will see the next trend, that I guess will be unikernels.