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February 5, 2017 - Bruxelles, BE

FOSDEM is a must for all open source enthusiast in Europe and close by. I think that the reasons to go to FOSDEM are different from the reasons of many other conferences, but equally valid. The comparison with DevConf is obvious, due to the temporal closeness of the two events.

I think that DevConf is more about enterprise grade software (or close to be), while FOSDEM is more about experimentations and community. The causes for this are probably obvious if you consider that DevConf is mainly sponsored by Red Hat, while FOSDEM is completely community driven.

At this FOSDEM I organized a plan containing all talks I planned to attend, and some spear time to wonder around.

As it often happens in conferences like this the “hallway track” was very interesting and I had some very interesting conversations mainly about Open Source and Security.

I look forward for the next conference to attend, even if I have not yet planned it.