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AnsibleFest London 2017

June 23, 2017 - London, UK

This year, I decided to go to AnsibleFest. Since the day before AnsibleFest, an Ansible Contributor Conference was scheduled, I decided to partecipate to both. On Wednesday morning I arrived to the location and I had the pleasure of speaking with few people before the begin of the Contributor Conference. The Contributor Conference was very interesting and I had the occasion to speak with many other people over the course of the day.

The following day I went back for the AnsibleFest, and the first thing I noticed was the location… it was amazing! A very big and full of light hallway full of stands and people with multiple rooms accessible from it. The contents were even better, and in the morning there were multiple people from Red Hat and from big Ansible users sharing the main stage talking about Ansible in various aspects.

Just after lunch four rooms opened for the four tracks. Since I was going to give a talk in the Essential track, I decided to look a talk in the same room, just to accustom with the location. Sooner than I was expecting to be, it was time for my talk.

After the talk I had even more occasions to meet customers I have worked with in the previous months, which was something I really enjoyed. I learned a lot about how their projects are continuing after the work we did together, and I was very happy to hear that all their projects are continuing at a very good pace.