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Bootstrap2hugo upgraded to Bootstrap 4

April 30, 2019

For a few years now, I’ve been using Hugo for my website as well as other websites as well. My first Hugo website was my own since I wanted to learn more about the technology before suggesting it to anyone else. Back then I was not able to find any minimalistic theme I liked, and for that reason, I started my own. As you can imagine from the name, I based it on Bootstrap, version 3 since that was the current version when I started to work on it. I’ve made some minor updates over the last few years, but it was still based on Bootstrap 3. In the last couple of months I did some commits in a branch to bring it to Bootstrap 4, and today I merged them in master, so the template now is based on Bootstrap 4.

In the process, I’ve also updated the other components, starting from implementing a basic Hugo Pipe to merge CSS files and JS files. Also, jQuery and Font Awesome have been upgraded to the latest version.

In case I missed something, or you have any suggestion, please open a bug or a pull request!