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AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials

October 10, 2019

As part of my AWS re-certification path, I decided to start from the very begin, with the AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials. I was sure to pass the exam, but since in the company I work for other people will be required to become AWS certified, I wanted to check out the exam beforehand, to be able to suggest to the people the right certification for them.

The exam is fairly straight forward and is mainly focused on the advantages of AWS and cloud in general. There is a high amount of questions around the advantages of cloud in scaling, reliability and costs profile.

What I really liked about the exam is the focus on the AWS (and more generally the cloud ) biggest differentiating factors. On the other hand, I think the exam was a little bit too easy and the topics were merely scratched. It’s true that the word “Essentials” in the name should set expectations of a very easy exam, but still, I would have hoped for a little bit more in-depth questions.

A nice thing about AWS certifications is that you get a score report that provides you with the percentage of the correctness of your exam so that you can understand where you are compared to the exam expectations.

Overall, my certification experience has been very positive, and I would suggest the exam to anyone interested in dipping a toe in the AWS water.

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