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pdfcpu in Fedora

February 19, 2022

pdfcpu is a command-line tool to perform actions on PDF files. It allows to perform all the standard operations, such as merge, split, and rotate pages. It also allows less common operations such as changing the user and owner passwords, encrypting/decrypting, optimizing, etc.

The project started back in 2017, but I discovered it only last year. I like pdfcpu due to the high focus on allowing and making it easy to perform those kinds of operations in batch.

Until now, I’ve used pre-compiled versions of pdfcpu, but I would have preferred it to be shipped directly in the distro, and that’s why I’ve packaged it for Fedora!

In fact, you can now use pdfcpu in your Fedora machine (Fedora 35+), simply by issuing the following command:

sudo dnf install golang-github-pdfcpu

The executable will be called pdfcpu, so you can directly run like:

pdfcpu version

I hope many other people will find this tool as helpful as I found it.