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gopass in Fedora

April 25, 2022

I started to use ZX2C4’s pass back in 2016 to manage my passwords. I liked the idea behind pass, but I found it too hackish. For this reason, I moved to gopass at the end of 2017 because it was a far more complete implementation of pass from my point of view.

gopass is now part of my system, and I’m so used to it that it is hard for me to think about my workflows without gopass into them.

In the beginning, I used gopass by downloading the binary from the project github page. After a while, I found a very useful copr project by daftaupe that contained gopass in a version that was kept relatively updated. Copr is not the best way to install software that should be easily accessible and trustable by any Fedora user.

I’m happy to announce that as of today, Fedora 35 and newer have gopass directly in their repositories. To install it, you will need to execute:

sudo yum install -y gopass

Currently, gopass 1.13.1 is available in Fedora 35, and 1.14.0 is available in Fedora 37. As for Fedora 36, gopass is stuck in the testing repository due to the pre-release freeze but will be available in the stable repository as a 0-day update. Therefore, the Fedora 36 users will have access from the release date. The Fedora 36 version could be either 1.13.1 or 1.14.0 based on the exact timing of everything, but even if the 1.13.1 will be the available one on day 0, a few days later, 1.14.0 will arrive. As for Fedora 35, there is no plan to update to 1.14.0 since Fedora 35 has Go 1.16, which is not enough to compile gopass 1.14.0.

I’m sure that with gopass being present directly in Fedora’s repositors, many more people will be able to use it easily.