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Fedora Sway OSTree Spin name

August 12, 2022

The Fedora Sway SIG is working to create an immutable version of the Sway Spin (also work in progress) using OSTree.

Those immutable spins of Fedora are becoming more common following Silverblue and Kinoite’s success.

As it often happens, one of the most challenging things to do in creating something is to come up with clever names. This task is made even more complex by the relatively small amount of people active in this conversation. For this reason, during the last SIG meeting, it was decided to socialize this decision so that more people could suggest their ideas.

We are looking for a name that has general similarities with “Sway” (i.e., starts with ’s' or sounds similar) as well as feels similar to the other OSTree Fedora versions (i.e.: a blu mineral):

At the moment, the best name we have come up with so far is “Sodalite”.

You have time until Tuesday the 23rd of August 2022 to propose names and comment on the proposed ones.

The ways you can submit your proposals are the following: