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Red Hat EX374 exam

November 16, 2022

Yesterday I did the Red Hat EX374 exam, which allows becoming Red Hat Certified Specialist in Developing Automation with Ansible Automation Platform.

This exam is my sixth Ansible exam/certification, so the question is always, how is this similar or different from the others? This exam is one of the furthest ones from the others since it focuses on Ansible Automation Platform 2 instead of Ansible Core or Ansible Tower. This change was welcomed since AAP has many more moving parts and features compared to previous products.

Overall the exam is an exciting testing bench for your AAP knowledge since it covers many different topics. Unlike previous exams, this one is more thought out since you are rarely asked to perform similar exercises multiple times. On the other side, due to the exam structure, if you skip an early exercise, you will lose points on later exercises and - more importantly - the ability to run them to test that you have made no mistakes.

I’ve noticed a couple of glitches in some exercises and in the evaluation, but it might also be an error on my side, so I’ve sent feedback. Hopefully, they will soon be validated and fixed if those are real issues. Those issues might be normal, considering that this exam is very young, being released at the beginning of the year.

Overall, the experience was very positive. I would suggest to anyone who knows well Ansible Automation Platform to consider this exam if they want to achieve RHCA or wish to test their expertise in the subject.