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Gopass 1.15 in Fedora 37

December 21, 2022

Back in April, I announced the availability of gopass in the Fedora repositories. In the last few months, though, gopass had multiple releases, many of which arrived in Fedora 38 but not Fedora 37. Since Fedora 38 will be released in a few months, most users are not using it, and therefore those releases are not directly benefitting those users. The reason for the delayed update for Fedora 37 is that the dependencies of gopass changed in the course of those updates, and the Fedora process makes updating packages with many dependencies changes more painful than it could be.

The good news is that the update of gopass to 1.15.1 arrived in the Fedora 37 repositories.

There are many improvements in this update. The one that is most interesting to me is a bugfix that fixes the behavior of the gopass otp command if a Ctrl+c is issued. The previous version left the shell in an unusable state, while with this update, the shell will work correctly afterward. There have also been multiple enhancements, such as the possibility to re-encrypt entire directories, better handling of the keys' expiration date, a new format of configurations, and a new default secret format.

There should not be any breaking change, and the majority of new features are relatively hidden, so you will probably not notice much difference, but this is an important update never the less.

The update to 1.5.2 should land in the testing repositories in the next few days and could land in the stable repositories before the end of the year.