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Fedora Sway artifacts approved by FESCo

January 4, 2023

Back in August, I asked for suggestions for a name for an os-tree-based Fedora version with Sway. Although I’ve not posted anything more on the topic, the work went forward.

We have asked Fedora Council to approve the naming, to FESCo for the approval for the change to Fedora, and to RelEng support to merge our work in the Fedora workstream.

A couple of weeks ago, the Fedora Council approved the request to create a “traditional” spin called “Fedora Sway spin” as well as an os-tree spin called “Fedora Sericea”.

The name Sericea comes from Terminalia sericea. To choose the name, we looked at the many suggested ones, then proceeded to remove all the ones already used by other projects or ambiguous. We then proceeded to find the one that had more affinities with the project, and Sericea has the following:

FESCo has also approved the change request; therefore, we can proceed with the work to move all the work done so far to the main repositories of Fedora.

The work is not done yet, but it was a good moment to give you an update, and hopefully, soon, I’ll be able to inform you that the first artifacts are available!