Joining Red Hat

June 6, 2016

After more than 12 years as a freelance consultant, today I start a new adventure within Red Hat. I’ve always admired Red Hat capability to run a multi billion dollars business selling services (subscriptions, training, and consultancy) on top of free software, so when I got the opportunity to join Red Hat I gladly accepted. Joining Red Hat I’ll not change completely what I do, since I’ll go forward being a Consultant and I’ll work on similar products to the ones I work with today.

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Hello Planet Fedora

August 24, 2014

Hi guys, my name is Fabio Alessandro Locati and I’m a Fedora packager involved in multiple packages. Also I’m in the process of becoming an Ambassador. I’m an Italian freelance system administrator and system architect. This is my first blog post on Planet Fedora and I think I’ll post here mainly about the packages I’m involved with, I will also – sometimes – blog about events, Fedora and Linux in general :).

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