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Debian decision on systemd

February 14, 2014

The Debian Technical Committee questioned which direction they should go concerning which PID1 to use in the last couple of weeks. Ian Jackson, former Debian Project Leader and currently standing in the Debian Technical Committee, asked to vote on the 5th of February on the matter. Against Ian’s preference, the result of the vote is that Debian will use systemd as the default PID1. The result is a very narrow one since it was 4:4 with Upstart.

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Debian Sarge

June 15, 2005

A couple of weeks ago, Debian Sarge become stable. Even though I was already running on it for many months, since Debian Testing was Sarge, I decided to re-install it from scratch to re-start with a clean environment. When you install it, the first thing you can notice is that the installer is entirely new. Compared to the previous stable (Woody), many changes have been integrated with thousands of new packages, including OpenOffice.

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Debian Woody

September 5, 2002

A couple of days ago, I found at the news shop a Linux magazine with the new Debian Woody CD! When I tried to install it the first time, it did not work correctly, like Debian 2.2. Having looked more in-depth into this, I understood that the problem lay in the XFree86 configuration that did not work correctly on my setup. With many attempts and few changes, it does now work enough to make the system usable.

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