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Google and Facebook fined for cookies practices

January 10, 2022

The CNIL, France’s data regulator, fined Meta (Facebook) and Google for violating the GDPR for a total of 210M€. More specifically: Google LLC (USA) got fined 90M€ Google Ireland Limited got fined 60M€ Facebook Ireland Limited got fined 60M€ Also, if the companies will not fix the issue within three months, an additional penalty of 100'000€/day will be added. There are two facts that I think are very interesting about these fines: the reason behind the fines the fines issuer

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Facebook Libra

June 20, 2019

A few days ago, Facebook presented Libra, a blockchain-based cryptocurrency project. After the inception of Bitcoin around ten years ago, we got more and more used to new cryptocurrencies being presented every other day. Often those projects are created by small teams of people, often anonymously. Facebook’s announcement is very different since Facebook is a huge company and has partnered with many other huge companies for this launch. I’m very skeptical of Libra, and I think it will not succeed in the long run.

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