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SCO filed for liquidation

August 10, 2012

As already mentioned in a previous post, the SCO economic situation is not one of the best ones. After close to 10 years from SCO litigious policy against all UNIX companies and having already declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy, they have filled for Chapter 7. The difference between the Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 is that Chapter 11 is a situation where the management is still confident that the company can survive after restructuring and reorganization.

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Novell acquired SUSE

January 14, 2004

Yesterday, Novell completed the acquisition of SuSE Linux AG, the company behind SUSE, for $210 million. Novell is a public company from Provo, Utah, and the creator of NetWare. Interestingly, IBM got involved in the deal paying $50 million of it. I’m personally not sure if this is good or bad for the Linux space, but there are a few considerations that I’d like to make. On the positive side, the fact that IBM contributed to the deal means that there will probably be more collaboration between IBM and SUSE, and therefore SUSE might be able to gain traction.

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