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Manage Podman containers with Systemd and Quadlet

May 17, 2023

Until a few months ago, the only option to start containers from Systemd was to create a Systemd unit which called podman (or docker) with the run sub-command. Podman was also providing podman generate systemd to easily create such Systemd file. This has now changed. From version 4.4 of Podman, in addition to the mentioned method, it is possible to use Quadlet to simplify the execution of containers from Systemd.

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Why I switched to systemd-resolved

April 15, 2020

Yesterday, a controversial proposal got posted in the Fedora Devel mailing list: enable systemd-resolved by default. I see this change favorably since I already enabled it a few weeks ago, and I find it a very sensible option. First, I have to admit that I see systemd and its mission of standardizing the core of the Linux user-space very favorably. At the current level of evolution of Linux, over time, this standardization and consistency will pay off much more than other alternatives.

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Debian decision on systemd

February 14, 2014

The Debian Technical Committee questioned which direction they should go concerning which PID1 to use in the last couple of weeks. Ian Jackson, former Debian Project Leader and currently standing in the Debian Technical Committee, asked to vote on the 5th of February on the matter. Against Ian’s preference, the result of the vote is that Debian will use systemd as the default PID1. The result is a very narrow one since it was 4:4 with Upstart.

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